About Dr. Joanne O Riordan at Wrinklefree

 Dr. Joanne O Riordan dental surgeon and anti-wrinkle specialist

Dr. Joanne O Riordan qualified as a Dental Surgeon from University College Cork in 1995 and established Church Street Dental & Implant Clinic in February 2000.

She has been awarded two Postgraduate Diplomas in Implant Dentistry and Conscious Sedation from Trinity College Dublin and the University of Warwick since that time and continues to successful manage the Clinic on a day to day basis. Joanne also holds an MSC in Orthodontics from Warwick University.

It was her love of completing ‘smile make overs’ for her patients that introduced her into the field of ‘Facial Rejuvenation’ which she has been involved in since 2005, after completing extensive training in this field in both London and Glasgow.

Wrinklefree now boasts a huge customer base with exclusive private anti wrinkle clinics in Cavan, Dublin, Longford, Louth, Laois, Monaghan and Westmeath. Dr Joanne is also a qualified CPR Trainer, in addition to having recently completed an Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support Course.

She regularly trains groups in resuscitation and use of an AED. In her role as a ‘family dentist’, she is more than aware of the barriers created by ‘needle phobias’. She endeavours to make ‘Anti-Wrinkle’ treatments pain-free and is specially trained to deal with nervous patients.

Joanne would be delighted to discuss any reservations you may have in this regard.